Wawa Tree / Ay ay ay 7"

The Mabon Dawud Republic

The Mabon Dawud Republic, Hungary’s first all-star progressive afrobeat ensemble started as the Fela Kuti tribute band for the very first Felabration event in Budapest, organised by the band itself and joined by Fela’s original Egypt 80 band member, keyboard player and singer Dele Sosimi. Given the member’s love for afrobeat, the jamming soon evolved into a project of own songs. Their republic is a place filled with the soul-warming vibes of a 15 piece orchestra, a place for dancers, a place to escape from the outside world and enjoy the magic that is unfolding on stage.
The Mabon Dawud feeling is delivered to you by professional musicians who are also members of other well known Hungarian underground acts, such as: The Qualitons, SoulClap Budapest, Sena Live Band, etc.
Budabeats Records is proud the release their first ever record in form of a 7” vinyl single with two heavy afrobeat cuts.

Somló Dávid (guitar)
Harangozó Sebestyén (guitar)
Hock Ernő (bass),
Zahár Fanni (flute, sax)
Kováts Gergő (sax)
Weisz Gábor (sax)
Meggyes Ádám (trumpet)
Csapó Krisztián (trombone),
Bognár Szabolcs (keys)
Halmos András (drums, percussion)
Czirják Tamás (drums, percussion )
Krecsmáry Zsolt (drums, percussion )
Boros Levente (drums, percussion )
Szarvas Dávid (drums, percussion )
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