THE MABON DAWUD REPUBLIC, Hungary’s first afrobeat band got together for Felabration Budapest in 2017 to celebrate the life and music of Nigerian afrobeat musician, composer and human rights activist Fela Kuti

For many years, independent, one-day Felabration concerts have been held in a growing number of cities around the world (London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, etc). The first Budapest event became sold out quickly at the 500 capacity Trafo House of Contemporary Arts. The show featured Fela’s original Egypt 80 band member, keyboard player and singer Dele Sosimi, also some of the city’s finest singers and rappers: Sena Dagadu, Saïd Tichiti, Akkezdet Phiai and Slow Village. The 3 hours long concert got amazing response and the band enjoyed playing together so much that they've decided to stay together and write a repertoir of original songs. 

They started playing at local clubs, received invitation to play in Accra, Ghana to play with afrobeat / highlife legend Pat Thomas. On this concert Dele Sosimi joined them again, also the extraordinary multi-instrumentalist, Kwame Yeboah. While in Accra, they've recorded songs with Pat Thomas, Stevo Atambire, etc. 

In summer 2018 they've released a 7-inch vinyl at the Hungarian Budabeats label, appeared on several summer festivals and recorded a song with Dele Sosimi.

Depending on the nature of the gig, the size of the band changes, whether it is an instrumental show or a collaboration with singers and fellow musicians. The band members are also part of other formations such as: The Qualitons, Ábáse, SoulClap Budapest, Amoeba, Zuboly, Jü,  etc. 



Mészáros Ádám (guitar) 
Hock Ernő (bass guitar) 

Bognár Szabolcs (keys) 
Kovács Ferenc, Szelevényi Vito (trumpet)
Zahár Fanni / Weisz Gábor (saxophone, flute)
Abbas Murad (trombone) 
Boros Levente, Halmos András (drums, percussion)
Szarvas Dávid (percussion)